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Head Office

Agamemnon has different manageral roles in head office
Here are a few details on the current members.
Nigel Langhorn
Chief Executive
Responsible for the day to day running and operation of the organisation
Nichola Miles
Lettings and
Finance Officer
Responsible for all lettings and finance matters within the organisation
Sandra Regnard
Lettings and
Finance Assistant
Responsible for assisting the lettings and finance Officer with all lettings and finance matters
Paula James
Property Maintenance
Responsible for overseeing and administrating all maintenance requirements and liaising with external contractors.


All our court Scheme Managers work hard to create fulfilling and happy environments for all our residents



Encouraging independent living
with a Scheme Manager Available
on-site during the working day

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Our mission is to provide quality
living for veterans and their
families over 60

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