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Here are some of the general questions that are asked about our association
Where am I on the waiting list?
Our waiting list is not based on first come first served. When flats become available all applicants are assessed on the basis of housing need, service history, service connections and the balance and mix of the court in question.
Do you allow smoking in the flats?
What are the age restrictions for applications?
We only accept applicants over 60 years of age.
Do you allow pets in the flats?
No, with the exception of properly registered and authorised working dogs.
Do you accept applicants on benefits?
Yes we do.
Do I have to be ex-service to apply?
No, but we do give priority to ex-service personnel and their partners providing evidence of service is provided.
Are you flats disabled friendly?
A very small number of our flats have some disabled fixtures and fittings but due to their size none of them are suitable for large wheelchairs or mobility aids.
What rent do you charge?
The rent and service charge for flats varies on location and size. A full list of current charges can be found here
Do you have communal facilities?
Yes we provide communal lounges, kitchens and laundries for use in each court. Some also have communal wellbeing rooms and hairdressing facilities.
Do you provide personal care?
No – we provide sheltered housing for people to carry on with independent living. We are not a care home or a nursing home.

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