Somerville Court

These are some of the recent activities the residents of Somerville Court have organised or participated in.

Qigong – January 2017

As part of Somerville Court health and fitness drive we are having a weigh in each week and wanted gentle exercise to help (armchair exercise was not an option for my tenants).

After some research we decided to try Gigong which is similar to Tai Chi and helps increases muscle and improves circulation and balance.

The pictures were taken at a taster session and I am happy to say most have signed up to a 10 week course with Martyn our instructor.

Here are some photos of the first Qigong session, and Somerville now weigh 1st 12lbs lighter after the first week of slimming:) GO SOMERVILLE

Somerville Court Chairman’s Lunch – 2015

The Chairman, CEO and board members enjoyed an afternoon with the residents of Somerville and Eliza Mackenzie Courts. Saxophone music was enjoyed along with a hog roast.
Jackie and Daphne send their thanks to residents for assisting in the raffle and replenishing of glasses. Monies raised in the raffle were donated to cancer research.

Somerville 1 Somerville 2