Monthly Archives: August 2018

Somerville Court celebrates 25 years

Somerville Court was opened in September 1993 and to celebrate this milestone residents held a BBQ on 16th August. The event was well attended by the tenants and two of them, Mavis Armstrong and Wynn Gladwish, have been at Somerville since it opened! So, congratulations to them both.

Sirius and Cornwell’s Chairman’s Lunch

The Chairman’s lunch for Sirius and Cornwell Court coincided with the 20th anniversary of Sirius Cour’s opening in back 1998. We were lucky enough to have Sir Robert Fulton, who originally opened the court, come back to commemorate and celebrate the day with us all.

Wardens Ling and June worked hard to get everything ready and keep everyone happy on the day. We had perfect weather, a good turnout from both courts, and entertainment in the form of a ukelele band. We also had a raffle which managed to raise £105.50 that will go to SAAFA.

Thanks to everyone involved.