Monthly Archives: October 2017

Wardens’ Memory Walk

Around 225,000 people develop dementia every year – that’s the equivalent to one person every three minutes. Therefore, our wardens took part in the Portsmouth Memory Walk in September to raise money for a world without dementia. Arm in arm, step by step and pound by pound (£510).  £500.00 can pay for 700 copies of their new Understanding Your Diagnosis booklets, helping those recently diagnosed with dementia understand more about the condition and how to come to terms with some of the feelings they might be having. The Team did a great job. Well done to you all and thank you to those who kindly donated. 

Chairman Opens Wellbeing Room Trial

The Trial to identify if our tenants would benefit from having a Wellbeing Room within each court has now started in earnest with our Chairman, Commander Rod Edwards RN opening the Trial Wellbeing Room in Victory Court on Monday the 2nd October 2017.  The Warden of Victory Court, Jackie Warren-Holland has done a great job in bringing together a modern looking facility where treatments such as massage, hypnotherapy, reflexology, physiotherapy, beauty therapy treatments and light exercise can be offered by outside professionals.  These treatments help people to feel good, and in turn improve physical and mental wellbeing. A Tenant Survey was completed at Victory Court to determine which treatments will prove most popular. Many of the tenants that attended the opening were highly impressed with the Wellbeing Room and the facilities.  One therapist said that it is brilliant to see such a modern, well-equipped facility that provides the equipment to deliver the therapies she provides.  The Trial will conclude in April 2018.