Monthly Archives: November 2016

Elvis night at Sirius Court

Some of the photos from our Elvis Tribute Night attended by 35 people performed by Mike Nova on November 26th. This was Mike’s second visit to Sirius Court and all who enjoyed his repertoire of Elvis songs cannot wait for his return visit in 2017.

Some people from Sirius Court also visited Greenwich Court for their monthly quiz night and again we came away as champions, so we retain the trophy (yippee!) until next month.

Sirius Court Social Club

Just a very small selection of the many photos of some of the functions held in Sirius Court during the past year organised by the Social Club. The Social Club meet with nearby Greenwich Court at alternative venues for a Quiz Night where we compete for a trophy, which is presently held by Sirius Court. Watch this space for photos of the upcoming return of the Elvis Tribute Night.

We have a very good rapport with Greenwich Court and attend each others functions on all occasions.


Witches Night


Burns Night


Halloween Night


Music Night


Quiz Night


Shep Wolley