Waterlooville: Somerville Court

The sun was shining even thought it was cold and windy as I stood at the bottom of the Spinnaker Tower, one Saturday morning in May watching in awe as Jackie Stoddart, the Warden at Somerville Court, began to abseil down the Tower.  Along with her family, friends and many of her residents we cheered her on and she came through with flying colours.


The Spinnaker Tower –  wow they look a long way up  and YES!!  She did it!!  What determination and stamina she showed that morning and that prompted one of her residents – Janet Hancock to pen the following:

On (a)  High

May I ask you a question?  If you were terrified of heights would you even consider abseiling 300ft down the side of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth? WELL that is just  what our warden Jackie Stoddart from Somerville Court did with a friend to raise money  for the Fire Fighters Charity of which she raised a grand total of £712 plus the amount from gift aid. Jackie’s family and friends and some of us residents were there to cheer her on and to witness the event of which we were all very proud of her for taking on such a challenge, but all of us failed in the fact that none of us had taken her a tot (or two) of brandy for when she landed.  SORRY!!!!!!!

Now a question for Jackie  –    WHAT NEXT?

P.S.  A “little birdie” tells me next could be a parachute jump!