Southsea: Cornwell Court and Sirius Court

By far the biggest event in Southsea this year was  The Southsea in Bloom competition   and both Courts decided to enter the competition.

Much digging, planting, painting, spraying and weeding was carried out by many who gave their time and money,  freely, for the pleasure of everyone in the Court. The result was some stunning looking gardens and I am pleased to tell you all that fantastic effort paid off as both Courts won awards.

In the category of:   Gardens in Sheltered Housing or Apartment Blocks – Both Courts won a BRONZE award.

If that wasn’t enough, in the category of:   Balcony – Cornwell Court won a SLIVER GILT award.

Sirius2    Sirius1

The two pictures above show the balcony at Cornwell Court – a very big big thank you  to Iris who single-handedly produced these amazing results.

Sirius4    Sirius3

The second two pictures are the gardens – many thanks here to June, Anne, Jean and Kathy  for their sterling efforts.

The pictures below show the gardens at Sirius Court  and thanks here go to John, Margaret, Mick  and Elaine for their hard work in transforming the gardens especially as this was the very first time they had entered the competition.


More news from Sirius Court  –    Bob Hackett decided to treat his fellows residents to a BBQ – not just by purchasing the  BBQ for everyone to use but he actually cooked the food for them as well.   Much fun was had by all.