Gosport: Neptune Court and Victory Court

Well I’m not sure where to begin here as there has been so much activity at both Courts and it has been so good to see so many events where the Courts have celebrated together.

The list is endless and here are just some of the things that took place:

Victory Court has hosted two Beetle Drives  and Neptune Court staged a horse racing night.

Victory Court hosted a PIMMS afternoon along with a Court Boules competition in the garden. Congratulations to David Osborn  for making Neptune Court the victors here.

 There has been a champagne and strawberry tea during Wimbledon fortnight and  a cheese and wine evening at Neptune Court.

 The Halloween celebrations were quite scary, do you recognise anyone?

 A day  trip to the New Forest

 Many evening sing-a-longs and even more food and drink!

 Here are just some of the photos taken at those events…

new-6      new-5

new-4      new-3

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