Neptune Court is having a facelift

Neptune Court, as many will know, was the first of the Association’s Courts to be built way back in 1977.


Over the years there has been a  lot of work carried out in Neptune Court. A new roof, new heaters, new windows  and all the bathrooms and kitchens have been refurbished.

However nowadays everyone’s attention turns to the “green agenda” or how to reduce our carbon footprint, which is not  quite as easy as one tenant suggested  “ just wear smaller shoes”!

Some time ago a scheme called ECO – Energy Companies Obligation  was introduced whereby the big seven electricity companies were tasked by the Government to invest money in buildings and homes to reduce emissions and  the Association has been working with Effective Energy to see whether Neptune Court  qualified for any of those initiatives. I am pleased to report that Neptune Court qualified for 100% funding  for  cavity wall insulation under the “Hard to Treat” category. Downs Energy carried out this work which started with a surveyor drilling holes around the building and taking pictures of the cavities. Needless to say in some parts there was an awful lot of rubbish which had to be removed before the cavities could be filled.  Early in September the team arrived on site and took just over a week to complete the work.

Several people have already commented about how much warmer the building does feel.

Check out the write up on Effective Energy’s web site at:

The next stage of the “face lift” is to  replace the windows. The  bays  will be replaced with a curtain walling system along with   replacing the smaller windows either side of the bays.

3D Aluminium started this work in November and it is hoped to be finished around the end of  January.

How’s this for an amazing photo    –  NO bay  windows in one stack –   and you can see the smaller windows either side of the bay are the new type.


And here is the same stack with the new windows, the difference between old and new is very clear.